SO, there’s an Unofficial / Leaked version of the new Honeycomb music player from Android floating around out there, right? Well, we had quite a time getting this little APK to work once we got it, and we bet we weren’t the only ones. Therefor, we’ve whipped up for you this little guide and points post so that you might get the sweet updated music action working on your Android device with as little or no hassle as possible. Check it out – and REMEMBER before doing anything, backup your system. Always always always.

First, and foremost, you’ll most likely need a rooted explorer to be able to do step one. Step one is to locate and either delete or otherwise remove your existing Music Player app. This will more than likely be called GoogleMusic.apk and will be located under system/app.


Next, click [right here] to download the Android Honeycomb Music Player .APK file, and using your explorer app to place the file in the same place you deleted the original GoogleMusic.apk. There’s another file in that download by the name of JumperTest, which will not open for you. More about that file down below.

Two steps, that’s it! But wait, what if it doesn’t work? Try stopping what you’re doing, clearing your cache, and trying again.

Now as far as the source for this APK goes, the furthest back we can track it is, of course, XDA, to a user by the name of johnnie93, who posted the following video and gave a big happy face emoticon saying “I will not disclose my sources.”

* If you don’t see any of your music, you may have to go into Settings > Application > Music > Force Stop.

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Download (for those that didn’t read the article): Music App

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  1. MasterChief0312 says:

    How do I remove the stock music player? I can’t seem to delete it…

  2. iDustinX says:

    Hey, man, where’s the downloading link?

  3. Prophet says:

    @ master system app remover you’ll need root

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